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Storage and divan beds

Storage Bed Benefits

Our house is our personal space that offers us security and comfort. Coming back home after a long day at work can be the most satisfying and blissful feeling. When doing up our home it is extremely important to bring in elements that add to our comfort and make every corner match our personal needs. The furniture in a house is a very important part and plays many functions that enhance and add to the home environment. Apart from the furniture being good looking, it must also serve the desired function and cater to our needs and requirements.

The bed is one of the most important and an essential piece of furniture. No house can truly be a home unless it has been furnished with a bed that offers us comfort. All of us know about the need and importance of a well rested and good sleep; and it’s not possible unless we have a comfortable bed to sleep on. With the real estate prices going up, houses are getting smaller and smaller. When doing up a small house the most important aspect is space management. Today, there are some remarkable space management solutions available in the market that can help you make even the smallest of houses appear spacious and comfortable. However small your house may be, you still need a bed. A normal bed requires enough space, and you also require space around the bed to be able to move around. This may occupy more space than you wish to spare! So, what is the solution? Well, there’s no denying that you definitely need a bed, but what if you can utilise the bed space for other things apart from sleeping?

Storage beds have become the new trend in the world of home furnishing! A storage bed offers maximum comfort along with great utility and a wonderful storage space. It does not matter if your house is big or small; a storage bed is extremely useful and convenient for one and all. All of us have numerous possessions but not always the space to store them all. There are some things that we may rarely need or not need at all but we still keep them. Instead of cluttering your daily use cupboard or even worse your room, why not neatly store it all away in a storage bed and add to the well kept look of your home. Whether it’s a king size bed, single bed or a bed of any size; you can opt for a storage bed and add to the space for storing things that you want to keep safe and damage free.

At Mattress Heaven we offer a wide choice of storage and divan beds to add to the convenience and comfort of our valued customers. We ensure that we only use the very best of quality material to offer durable, reliable and long lasting storage beds. Everyone has a unique and different need and our extensive collection of storage and divan beds caters to all needs. Whatever you need, we have it!

Storage beds are available in different styles. Two of the most common styles are tilting and drawer storage beds. Both the designs are extremely versatile and easy to use and offer absolutely no discomfort for sleeping. These beds offer complete support to the body and do not disturb or disrupt sleeping habits in any way.

Advantages of storage beds:

  1. Space Management
    Storage beds offer excellent space management solutions and help you store away a lot of things in a well organized manner

  2. Protection
    You can not only store things but also protect them from any kind of damage. Keeping things in a storage bed keeps them protected from external damage

  3. Neat and Tidy
    Everyone loves to keep their rooms and surroundings tidy. Too much clutter adds to stress and a messy look, with a storage bed you can keep your room and house tidy by storing away all the extra things lying around!

  4. Ease of use
    It’s very easy to use a storage bed, even on a daily basis. You don’t necessarily have to store away the extras and can even put things of daily use. No harm is done to the bed upon daily use

  5. Extensive Choice
    Contrary to popular belief, storage beds can look extremely stylish and good looking. They are available in a wide range of designs and styles to match your personal taste.

Beds are an important and a large part of your room. It is important to choose a bed that fits well and looks great too! You can buy a storage bed and choose from numerous designs and styles. Whether you like a classic look, a modern one or even contemporary, there are beds to satisfy all kinds of tastes and needs. When buying a storage bed the most important aspect is quality. Make sure you buy something that is strong and sturdy and does not give away easily! You want to be able to rely on it and not run after repairs! At Mattress Heaven you can be 100% sure of the quality as it’s the first thing we assure and guarantee!

A stylish divan bed with storage can also be placed in the living room and be used to store things as well as make up for a comfortable place for you or for guests. You can store extra pillows, sheets and blankets and prop up a nice comfortable bed for your guests instantly! It’s the perfect addition to any room and every house! Space management is just one of the great advantages and a very beneficial one at that! You can add style with convenience and make your home spacious and comfortable at the same time. No more stuffing things at the back of the cupboard or stacking your home with boxes full of stuff… clear away the mess and make space for a stylish and elegant storage bed. Space up!

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