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Mattress Support Levels

Generally speaking, when we choose a new mattress there are two things of which we are certain that our new one must be - the right size and the right firmness rating. Everything else is usually flexible but these two specifications must be just right.

To make choosing your mattress even easier, we categorise each one that we stock with a support level which is based on the manufacturer's rating and our own tests.


support level line softer
Not everyone prefers a firm mattress and sometimes softer is the way to go. Softer mattresses are ideal for children and lighter adults, especially those who like to 'sink' into the bed for additional cosiness. Our softer mattresses usually have layers of material on top of the spring section to provide a more cushioned sleeping experience.

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Medium support level mattresses
Perfect for those sleepers who do not want something too soft or too firm. It may also be ideal for couples who have different support level needs but are able to compromise with a mattress that works for both of them.

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Medium Firm
Medium firm mattresses
Offering a slightly firmer and more supportive sleeping experience than our medium firmness range, the medium firm mattresses are perfect for those who need a bit of extra support. The springs in these mattresses are slightly firmer and fillings are more densely packed. Medium firm mattresses give you additional support in your shoulders and hips.

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Firm mattresses
We stock a large variety of firm mattresses as people move from softer mattresses to something that will give them additional support. Firmer mattresses are more supportive than soft mattresses and therefore often provide people with a better night's sleep, especially as they get older.

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Extra Firm
Extra firm mattresses
Our extra firm mattress range includes those that are designed to provide orthopaedic support. These mattresses are often filled with pocket springs that will adjust to your body throughout the night, providing support across the length of your body.

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