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Airsprung mattresses and bedsWe are pleased to announce that we have added the Airsprung range of mattresses and beds to our online shop.

Airsprung are a leader in mattresses, having started making them 140 years ago in Wiltshire.

Airsprung are one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses in the UK.

"Cleanliness, safety, and quality have always been our top priority"

Their range includes the Sleepwalk Sprung Gold, Sleepwalk Trizone Gold and the Sleepwalk Memory Sprung Gold.


Rarely will anyone come across a decision more agonising than finding a great mattress. When you start your search you'll open up a whole world of new terminology, different options and prices - the huge number of factors that go into deciding which mattress is the perfect mattress for you is endless. Cost, comfort, durability. All those elements play a part into what can be widely defined as a good mattress. A quality mattress has to fit a body perfectly like a key in a lock. However we have done our best to make things as easy as possible by giving accurate descriptions of each of our mattresses along with simple things, such as offering free delviery so that there are no hidden costs.

Our site is incredibly easy to navigate which makes the journey to find an absolutely perfect mattress all the more simple. We like to make the tough task of finding comfort as relaxing as the process as laying down on one of our mattresses and being comfortable. Even so, if trouble is found or clarity is needed as a customer was searching our site, our extremely personable customer support team are ready and willing to lend any kind of help.

There are some people who think that mattresses are simply plunging pads needed mostly for somewhere to lay. Well, there is need to reconsider this. The mattress is the major source of comfort for the body during sleep. As a matter of fact, sleep scientists have revealed that one quarter of an average human’s life is spent in bed. Unfortunately, the mattress (a facilitator of sleep) is left unnoticed and not given the attention that it needs.

By considering mattresses to be just another part of the home furniture, the importance of mattresses had been greatly undermined. A bad mattress is worse than a dilapidated house. It can lead to sleep problems, muscles aches and spinal problems. A stressed head over an equally unhealthy body is usually the end result of using a bad mattress.

Since the mattress serves as a comfort zone on which a good proportion of your life is been spent, it is important to be careful about choosing the right one. Today’s market offers different types of mattresses and what you decide to buy solely depends on your needs and specifications.

Scientific studies in the past have proved that a good night’s sleep depends on the quality of mattress that is used by an individual. A restless night can cause more damage the next day not only affecting the ability to handle stress but also causing fatigue and lethargy. A more comfortable mattress which is suitable as per the individuals need not only helps in a more peaceful sleep it also ensures that the next morning is more relaxed and productive, ready to take on the world and dealing with the stress in a more calm manner. A mattress which is not appropriate for an individual can actually make his or her issues worse. Having said that, there is no one mattress that suits all. Every individual has a different comfort level when it comes to selecting that perfect mattress.

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Linda Beaumont said about us
The mattress is beautiful and comfortable and would recommend the mattress and Mattress Heaven to all.

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This is quite honestly the most comfortable mattress we have ever had.