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A guide to mattress sizes

Mattress sizes in the UK differ to those in Europe and the rest of the world. Choosing the right size mattress is an important factor in not only getting a great night’s sleep, but also ensuring that your sleeping space works in your home. Whilst you may want a large bed, the chances are that if you are living in a smaller bedroom, your mattress (and bed) will become a hinderance and take over the room.

Simple rules to enable you to rest and relax on your new mattress

  • Space – Ensure that your bed and mattress fit in your bedroom. If you are tight for space, look at an ottoman storage bed or divan bed that offer storage
  • Length – Ensure that your mattress is plenty long enough for you (and your partner) when you are lying flat. In the UK, King and Super King size mattresses are a little longer than smaller sizes to offer that extra leg room
  • Width – Check that you (and your parter) have plenty of width either size of you when laying flat. Small double beds are are great for small spaces but may not be practical for the long term.

Size guide

Toddler Mattress – 70cm x 140cm

An ideal starter mattress for toddlers from 1 – 3 years. Look for products that are hypoallergenic and soft on skin.

Daybed Mattress – 80cm x 200cm

This type of mattress is popular with Scandinavian day beds. Whilst often difficult to often find, we can offer any of our mattresses in this bespoke size, offering additional depth and comfort to those that are sold with the product.

Small Single Mattress – 75cm x 190cm – 2 ft 6

Small single mattresses are popular kids mattresses, bunk bed mattresses and are also popular for guest beds and guest bedrooms. For adults these are typically ‘occasional’ mattresses due to their limited width. Small single mattresses take up very little room and are popular in smaller homes.

Single Mattress – 90cm x 190cm – 3 ft

The traditional UK single mattress is 90cm in width, an ideal size for most adults and also more spacious for kids and teenagers. We recommend parents looking to buy children a single mattress to opt for a standard UK single as this offers space to grow and can last a child into their early teenage years.

European Single Mattress – 90cm x 200cm

The European single mattress offers the same width as a UK mattress but with added length. We recommend for suitability to only buy this type of mattress if you have a bed frame that requires a 200cm mattress.

Small Double Mattress – 120cm x 190cm – 4 ft

A small double mattress is a great way to sleep two guests into a small room but they are also popular as an oversized single. We suggest if two people are sleeping in the same bed regularly to look at standard UK double, King or Super King size mattresses which offer a little more width and sleeping space.

Double Mattress – 135cm x 190cm – 4 ft 6

A double mattress is the most common type of mattress that we sell. Ideal for couples or for an individual that likes a lot of room. Double mattresses, sometimes known as a 4ft 6 mattresses offer ample space for two adults to sleep in complete comfort.

King Size Mattress – 150cm x 200cm – 5 ft

King size mattresses offer additional sleeping space to a double, with the added benefit of 10cm of extra leg room. Ideal for taller individuals or those that prefer to turn over in the night without disturbing their partner. King size mattresses are very popular in the UK and continuing to grow in popularity.

Super King Size Mattress – 180 x 200cm – 6 ft

Super King mattresses offer the most room of any bed type. You can roll over freely and stretch out without disturbing your partner. Super King mattresses are in fact the same width as two single mattresses together and offer the most space for you and the whole family.

For more information or to order…

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