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Mattresses for landlords

We regularly get asked about mattresses for landlords and their tenants, it’s no wonder… there are over 5 million people in the UK living in private rented accommodation.

We’ve answered some of your most common questions, right here.


What is the best type of mattress for me to put in my rental property?

If you are supplying a mattress to your tenants, the best advice we can give is that the mattress should match the quality of the property and the relative rent in the market.

For example: If you have a luxury London apartment with rents in the £000’s every month, you will probably want to use a quality product for your discerning clients.

Whereas if your property is priced more reasonably, say a few hundred pounds a month, a more affordable option will most probably suit.

What should I be looking out for?

When looking for a mattress there are a few things to consider.

Size: Most single rooms will typically require a single 3’0 mattress, but very small rooms you may find a 2’6 is a better fit. Equally with double rooms, if you can fit a king size bed (as opposed to a 4’0 or 4’6) it will provide much greater comfort, especially for couples.

For more information, see our mattress size guide.

Material & Composition: For more expensive rents, offer the clients the luxury of a pocket sprung mattress. With less expensive rents, coil sprung, or pure foam mattresses can be more affordable.

Are there any regulations on putting mattresses in my rented property?

Yes – your products need to conform to UK Fire Regulations

Since 1 January 1997 persons who hire out furniture in the course of a business (and this includes furniture provided with rented accommodation) are required to comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 which set safety standards for fire and flame-retarding requirements for upholstered furniture manufactured after 1950 or where the tenancy commenced after March 1993.

Make sure that any mattress you buy carries the UK Fire Regulations label.

Note: If your property is an HMO or non residential property (such as a B&B) your mattresses need to conform to additional contract standards.

Do I have to replace the mattress every time I change tenants?

You don’t have to replace the mattress every time you change your tenants but it’s a nice touch and can make your tenants feel more welcome, which may make them rent with you for longer.

Look for mattresses with a removable cover, which is easy to clean. We can even supply replacement covers for our mattresses should they be required.

I've recently replaced the mattress(es) in my property and my tenants are complaining that they are uncomfortable / are giving them a bad back etc

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Whilst you are not obligated to replace the mattress, a good interim solution could be to provide a mattress topper or ask your tenant to buy a mattress topper. There are many types available, we suggest something over about two inches to really feel the benefits.

My mattress cover is dirty, can I replace it?

On certain mattresses it is possible to replace your mattress cover. It depends on the construction of the mattress. Typically any mattress with a zip off cover can be replaced whereas mattresses with tape edging (sewn edges) can’t be replaced.

If you would like a replacement cover for a mattress, get in touch. We can supply a range of replacement covers in different sizes and heights. Please check the mattress depth and size so that we can provide an accurate quotation.

How should I protect my mattresses?

  • Encourage tenants to use a mattress protectors
  • Encourage tenants to not not eat or drink whilst in bed
  • Use a high quality bed base and ensure than any broken slats are changed ASAP so as not to damage the bed
  • Choose good tenants ;o)

What advice should I give to my tenants about the mattress?

The following guidance should help your tenants to look after the mattress so that you can get the best value for money and time from your mattresses before it needs to be replaced.

  • Encourage them to pull back the covers in the morning to allow the mattress to breathe
  • Change sheets regularly for hygiene
  • Vacuum the mattress regularly, to clean dirt, dust, and any other nasties that are lurking on the mattress
  • If there are spills, ask tenants to clean the mattress quickly with a light detergent
  • Encourage the use of mattress protectors


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