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Rarely will anyone come across a decision more agonising than finding a great mattress. When you start your search you'll open up a whole world of new terminology, different options and prices - the huge number of factors that go into deciding which mattress is the perfect mattress for you is endless. Cost, comfort, durability. All those elements play a part into what can be widely defined as a good mattress. A quality mattress has to fit a body perfectly like a key in a lock. However we have done our best to make things as easy as possible by giving accurate descriptions of each of our mattresses along with simple things, such as offering free delviery so that there are no hidden costs.

Our site is incredibly easy to navigate which makes the journey to find an absolutely perfect mattress all the more simple. We like to make the tough task of finding comfort as relaxing as the process as laying down on one of our mattresses and being comfortable. Even so, if trouble is found or clarity is needed as a customer was searching our site, our extremely personable customer support team are ready and willing to lend any kind of help.


A great day tends to begin with the quality of sleep you acquired the night before. Outside of how long a person is actually asleep, the most dominant factor is most decidedly with the mattress that you intend to lay your head on. Today, at other locations the average king size mattress fashioned from the popular memory foam will cost the consumer upwards of £800. That’s not the game we intend to play. We know how important a good night’s rest is. Our Rest Relax king size mattress is essentially one quarter the price of some of our competitors, costing only £270.00 for the comfort that has been on your mind. We firmly believe that the comfort of consistently good night’s rest should not be handled as if it belongs only to the privileged few and so the best way to do this was to offer cheap mattresses online.

Spreading out in a large bed is a great feeling so if you have the room why not consider a king size bed? Along with great price mattresses, we can also provide you with a beautiful new bed.

We are positive that this is indeed the comfort that you were seeking out and we are beyond thrilled that you've chosen to do business with us. If you are reading this, you have made the right choice. A bold step in in the right direction towards giving your mind, body and soul the tranquility that is becoming of a solid, full night's rest.


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Linda Beaumont said about us
The mattress is beautiful and comfortable and would recommend the mattress and Mattress Heaven to all.

Cheryl said about us
This is quite honestly the most comfortable mattress we have ever had.