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Scientific studies in the past have proved that a good night’s sleep depends on the quality of mattress that is used by an individual. A restless night can cause more damage the next day not only affecting the ability to handle stress but also causing fatigue and lethargy. A more comfortable mattress which is suitable as per the individuals need not only helps in a more peaceful sleep it also ensures that the next morning is more relaxed and productive, ready to take on the world and dealing with the stress in a more calm manner. A mattress which is not appropriate for an individual can actually make his or her issues worse. Having said that, there is no one mattress that suits all. Every individual has a different comfort level when it comes to selecting that perfect mattress.


There is a huge variety of mattresses to pick from. From ‘medi’ mattresses that are treated to help relieve people suffering from allergies to the ultimate in luxury and comfort – the memory foam mattress. Investing in a mattress is equivalent to investing in the quality of sleep. This is where an individual’s need for comfort and budget comes in to play. A good mattress does not come cheap. However at we are committed to providing comfort at the same time as being light on the pocket. Our mattresses are not only cheap but we also provide a huge variety for you to choose from. Providing cheap mattresses does not mean that we compromise on quality. We thoroughly believe that what goes inside of the mattress contributes a lot to the quality of sleep. Each mattress has been painstakingly crafted to give an individual the most comforting and relaxing sleep at the same time addressing individual concerns.

Now is the time to go ahead and get rid of that hard, stiff mattress which has been the reason for many aches and pains, and has been responsible for all those sleepless nights. With our high-quality and affordable mattresses, that prefect mattress is not a dream anymore.

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Linda Beaumont said about us
The mattress is beautiful and comfortable and would recommend the mattress and Mattress Heaven to all.

Cheryl said about us
This is quite honestly the most comfortable mattress we have ever had.