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A guide to mattress sizes

Mattress sizes in the UK differ to those in Europe and the rest of the world. Choosing the right size mattress is an important factor in not only getting a great night’s sleep, but also ensuring that your sleeping space works in your home. Whilst you may want a large bed, the chances are that if you are living in a smaller bedroom, your mattress (and bed) will become a hinderance and take over the room.

Simple rules to enable you to rest and relax on your new mattress

  • Space – Ensure that your bed and mattress fit in your bedroom. If you are tight for space, look at an ottoman storage bed or divan bed that offer storage
  • Length – Ensure that your mattress is plenty long enough for you (and your partner) when you are lying flat. In the UK, King and Super King size mattresses are a little longer than smaller sizes to offer that extra leg room
  • Width – Check that you (and your parter) have plenty of width either size of you when laying flat. Small double beds are are great for small spaces but may not be practical for the long term.

Reasons why you need to change your mattress

Over the course of your life you spend about a third of your time in bed. Your sleep is so important to your overall mood, relationships with your friends and colleagues and most of all your health. A lack of sleep can lead to health problems, depression and reduced performance at work.

Dust mites

If you have an older mattress did you know it could be home to tens of thousands of dust mites? These can live inside your mattress, feeding off of dead skin and fluids that are naturally released when you sleep.

Some older mattresses have been found to be twice their original weight and the cause - dust mites and dust mite waste. With a newer mattress, check that your mattress is dust mite resistant, it can help your mattress last longer and also provide health benefits.

It gets worn out

Tossing, turning, bouncing or whatever else you get up to on your mattress does eventually wear it out. Springs can lose their springiness and foams can lose their shape and sag.

Mattresses for landlords

We regularly get asked about mattresses for landlords and their tenants, it’s no wonder… there are over 5 million people in the UK living in private rented accommodation.

We’ve answered some of your most common questions, right here.

Which mattress to buy – the million pound question

Your mattress is an investment in your health

According to research from the National Bed Federation, your mattress should last you up to 8 years, so it is a serious investment.

Your mattress plays a huge part in determining how much you sleep and how well you sleep, both which play an important role in your health, wellbeing and relationships.

If you consider that for every £100 you spend on your next mattress, this represents just 2.9 pence per night over the course of 10 years, it pays to make an investment in your sleep.

But… there are times when forking out hundreds or even thousands of pounds for a new mattress is unnecessary.

Mattress Cleaning, Care & Good Health

Keeping your mattress clean and well cared for will ensure you can prolong the life of your mattress and benefit from improved sleep and mood. The UK Sleep Council, our go-to resource for sleep and bed advice advise that you should replace your bed and mattress every seven years.

Sleep is such an important factor in how good you feel, how well you perform and the relationships that you have with those around you.

We have put together this guide on mattress cleaning and mattress care to help you get the full life out of your mattress.

The Benefits of Mattress Cleaning and Good Care

  • Your mattress will last longer
  • You will save money in having to replace your mattress
  • You can sleep longer
  • It’s more hygienic, so you have less chance of getting ill
  • It can reduce allergies such as asthma and eczema
  • It can improve air quality in the bedroom preventing health problems


storage bedsWith the new year fast approaching, we've been rushing to add a new range of storage beds to our site. These beautiful beds have already been picked up by some of our staff who love having the extra storage space in their bedrooms, allowing them to keep their homes nice and tidy.

Our range is extending but so far we have eleven storage beds for you to choose from. If you're not sure if they are for you, read our article about the benefits of storage beds.

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