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About Us

About the Mattress Heaven teamWe started Mattress Heaven with a few things that we wanted to achieve.

We realised that the bedding industry needed to move on and start selling high-quality products on the internet whilst offering low prices to the customer. There are lots of people selling mattresses the 'old way' but we wanted to create a colourful, informative and easy-to-use web site that people would trust.

Some companies were offering cheap mattresses but these were often low quality. We wanted to try something different, deliver great quality mattresses and beds at better than high street prices.

We decided to set up Mattress Heaven with excellent customer service and prices in mind. We keep our prices down in a number of ways such as working closely with suppliers and ensuring great links with our delivery drivers. We make a smaller profit on each mattress compared to most retailers but that's the way it should be - low prices for our customers.

We continue to develop the business and as new suppliers become established, we test their products and if we think they are good enough quality, we add them to our stock.

Since starting, we have maintained our low outgoings so that we can maintain our low costs.

A mattress is a luxury which we all deserve but nobody deserves to pay more for it than necessary.


About Us

We're a small, friendly and dedicated team doing our best to provide high quality mattresses at the best possible prices.

Read more about our company and how we started.

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Short Testimonials

Linda Beaumont said about us
The mattress is beautiful and comfortable and would recommend the mattress and Mattress Heaven to all.

Cheryl said about us
This is quite honestly the most comfortable mattress we have ever had.